Our Camp is presently licensed and equipped to house forty-seven (47) overnight guests. While there is some flexibility in numbers we nevertheless ask that this ceiling remain as firm as possible for the safety and convenience of all our guests. We are presently asking twenty-five (25) dollars per adult, and twenty (20) dollars per child under the age of twelve (12), per night. The largest number of campers staying on any given night of your camp will be the number multiplied by the total number of camp nights thus yielding total for your camp. We do not calculate a different subtotal for each night based on different numbers of campers per night. Our minimum overnight charge for any group is $125.00 per night, one night minimum.

We are able to accommodate considerably more for day use only. This should be discussed with the Camp Directors prior to your arrival at the camp.

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There is a fifteen (15) dollar day use fee for each person attending camp but not staying overnight. The Camp Director will add this to your bill. Our minimum day use fee for groups or individuals on day retreats is $60.00. Payment is required in full at the time of your arrival at the camp.

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